How Many Internet Access Providers Are Now Available?

Article Posted by Expert Author: Jesse Schwarz  on 10/31/2014

It can be staggering to think of how many internet companies are now in the game. Many of us remember when there were only a handful of companies with whom to sign up for internet service and they all sold primarily the same product. Now, not only do we have more choices of companies, but we have a variety of ways in which to get online. From cable, to DSL, to wireless and even satellite internet, there is certainly no shortage of internet companies.

With so many choices, the question people often have is how to best go about searching for internet access providers in their area. There isn't one company dominating the industry at the moment, and for many people their best bet for price is to bundle their services. For example, a cable company can often offer a much more affordable price for a package that includes internet, cable TV, and phone service than they'd be able to offer or each one sold individually.

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