Getting The Best Internet Service Providers In Columbus

Are all internet provider in Columbus created equal? Chances are that they're not. You could get a good price with slower speeds from one provider, while paying top dollar for average speeds with another. The best way to tell which company offers your household the highest value for service is to compare them.

Columbus's best companies for service providers is below, and you can find out which one will suit you best in just a few clicks:

- AT&T®

- Charter®

- Time Warner Cable®

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Check Availability in Your Neighborhood

Having a company which offers security and high speeds seem to be at the top of the list for most who are seeking a new internet provider. And when the company you're considering offers all that you need, you are less likely to switch companies in the future.

To find out which internet service providers are available in Columbus call 1-855-222-3972.

Great Resources In Columbus

Franklin Park Conservatory - built in the 1800s, the Franklin Park Conservatory also houses botanical gardens including plants from around the world.

The Center Of Science And Industry (COSI) - One of the leading science centers in the nation, COSI spans over 300,000 square feet and specializes in hands-on learning.

Historic German Village - this unique neighborhood was founded by German immigrants, and provides a historical experience with its brick-paved streets and hundred year old homes.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium - the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is home to over 6,000 animals and even has an eighteen-hole golf course.


Columbus Fast Facts

  • The city of Columbus is home to 711,470 people.
  • The American Federation of Labor was founded in Columbus.
  • Columbus is Ohio's largest city and state capitol.
  • The first settlers of the region called their settlement Franklinton.





Moving to Columbus?

Have you ever wished you could lessen the stress of moving by connecting all your utilities ahead of time? Today's technology allows you to do just that. And you can pre-order your cable and DSL access as well. Scheduling your internet to be connected before you move can mean a lot less time wasted in waiting for a technician to arrive. Checking for a connection before you move also allows you to explore other money-saving options, such as bundling.

If you already live in Columbus, you can use this site to see how much of a deal you're getting with your current provider.

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