Review Internet Service Providers in Dallas

You may have come here because you plan to move to Dallas, and want to know which internet providers are available here. Or, you may already live in Dallas, but want to know if you're getting the best deal possible on your internet service. Whatever your reason, this site can help you to find the best answer for you. Here's what's available:

- AT&T®

- Charter®

- Verizon®

- Time Warner Cable®

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Check Availability in Your Neighborhood

But before you decide on any provider, it's always a good idea to consider more than one aspect of service. The data we've gathered and displayed here includes information about the number of email accounts you'll receive with a particular provider, the speeds you'll get, where you can access wi-fi and the types of security tools available to you.

To find out which internet service providers are available in Dallas call 1-855-222-3972.

Great Resources In  Dallas

Dallas Arboretum - Situated on the shores of White Rock Lake, the Dallas Arboretum is one of the most beautiful collections of flora in the United States.

Dallas World Aquarium - Five continents, fourteen countries and three oceans are represented in the flora and fauna that can be found here.

Zero Gravity- This amusement park delivers on its name with bungee jumping, The Skycoaster and more.

Sixth Floor Museum - Two floors display artifacts chronicling the life, death and legacy of President John F. Kennedy.


Dallas Fast Facts

  • Dallas has four times the eating establishments of New York City.
  • The infamous crime duo Bonnie and Clyde met in Dallas.
  • The Dallas Public Library is home to one of the few originals of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Dallas County was named after George Dallas, who was vice-president at the time.

Moving to Dallas?

Getting a high speed connection is something that's on many minds these days. But ensuring that you can do so with a reliable company is the key to squeezing as much value as possible from your internet plan. Having information about the best providers can also help you to pre-plan your internet connection when you're planning to make a move to Dallas. All that's needed is to visit the provider site, set up an account and schedule a time for connection to occur.

Those who already live in Dallas can use this site to compare their current DSL provider with other companies. This may also mean that exclusive and valuable discounts and promotions will be offered and can be applied to an existing or new account.

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