The Real Value of AT&T U-verse Promotions

Article Posted by Expert Author: Jesse Schwarz  on 10/31/2014

Some people may believe, as the saying goes, that there is no such thing as a free lunch. But from time to time, the internet's top companies offer deals that are just too valuable to pass up, especially these days when so many are striving to stick to their budgets. One great example is a deal being offered by AT&T U-verse to new subscribers.

Bundling Services

Many companies, and not just those involved with internet are jumping on the bundling bandwagon; get one or more services through them, and you can save on your monthly bill. And AT&T U-verse is no different; new customers who sign up for U-verse phone or television service in addition to internet service can choose from any one of the following goodies, absolutely free: an Xbox 360, Kindle Fire HD, SONOS PLAY:3 or Nexus 7 tablet.

Exclusive Online Offers

Another way that internet companies help customers save more money is by offering special online promotions. Those who choose to go online to compare internet service package costs can receive lots of value in return. One great example is U-verse's offer of $150 in promotion cards and Total Home DVR with an order of U-family TV, Internet Elite and Voice 250.

Watching the Fine Print

Getting a great deal with online promotions can be exciting. But customers also need to be aware of time limitations and what's required to be eligible. Some promotions are only offered to new subscribers for a certain period of time before regular pricing comes into effect. U-verse's offer of a free Xbox, Kindle, SONOS or Nexus does come with a qualifier. In order to be eligible for the offer, customers must keep their services for at least 30 days.

Before that, customers who sign up may have to wait up to 8 months once they sign up before receiving what's called a reward notification. Following submission to redeem the bonus, another wait of a few months will be necessary before the free gift arrives.

Do Customers Think It's Worth It?

At the end of the day, a customer who is satisfied with their internet service is more likely to be willing to go through the process of getting discounts and promotions from their internet service provider. As well, in the case of the U-verse offer, customers receive the added bonus of improved efficiency, quality of entertainment and even their health with their most-used devices.

Deciding Which Company Is Right for You

Of course, if you're looking for another internet provider, your choice should depend on much more than simply what they can offer you in terms of free bonuses. The first thing to consider is which companies are available in your area. can help.

Next, which company best meets your needs in terms of internet, phone and television usage will need to be determined. The speed of internet service and the selection of channels being offered will be something to consider in addition to the cost of the service. And finally, any company you choose should have a great reputation for customer service and reliability.

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