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How Many Internet Access Providers Are Now Available?

It can be staggering to think of how many internet companies are now in the game. Many of us remember when there were only a handful of companies with whom to sign up for internet service and they all sold primarily the same product. Now, not only do we have more choices of companies, but we have a variety of ways in which to get online. From cable, to DSL, to wireless and even satellite internet, there is certainly no shortage of internet companies.

With so many choices, the question people often have is how to best go about searching for internet access providers in their area. There isn't one company dominating the industry at the moment, and for many people their best bet for price is to bundle their services. For example, a cable company can often offer a much more affordable price for a package that includes internet, cable TV, and phone service than they'd be able to offer or each one sold individually.

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What's the Best Way to Search for Service? Exploring Internet Providers by Zip Code

There are currently plenty of ways to search for your internet options; in fact, there are so many ways that it can be overwhelming. In the past, there were frequently minimal options, and those options tended to be significantly different. For example, you may have a choice of 2 providers and one was dial-up and another was broadband – but for twice the price. It was relatively easy for people to weigh the pros and cons of each choice and make a decision.

Now there are more options than ever before, and searching for internet providers by zip code may yield numerous results. How does a consumer decide which is the ideal company with whom to work? The answer is to take the advice of the expert. Review sites that give detailed information on what each of the companies can provide and then make your own final decision based on your specific needs.

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Myths and Realities About Your Wireless Home Network

Most of the personal devices we use today either have internet capability, or require us to be connected to the internet on a regular basis, and while we may think that our information and other data is secure when we use our devices, what's more likely is that we are far more vulnerable than we may think. But how can we protect ourselves? The answer is to ensure that our home network is secure.  A home network can ensure the effective management of all of the internet-connected devices in the home, whether it is a smart TV, smart phone or other device.

A Common Misconception About Connected Devices

While it may seem like a natural thing to ensure that the doors on our homes are locked, very few of us ensure the same of our devices. The truth is that many of the devices used today do not include any security features. This means that they can be left wide open to attack once a connection to the home network has been made.

And while a user can certainly look for ways to secure their individual devices, when considering in-home usage, the best solution is to ensure that the wireless home network is as protected as possible from any security breaches. But if that network is not protected, none of the devices that are connected to it will be protected, either.

Is A Protected Network 100% Secure?

Unfortunately, nothing can offer complete security. When considering how to protect your home network, it's important to understand that another kind of vulnerability is inherent, which is that any hacker who manages to obtain the login details of your home network may also be able to gain control of any internet-connected devices that connect to it.

Not only that, but your network can also be used by hackers to send spam, attack web sites and conduct any number of bandwidth-eating exploits. While this information isn't stated for the purpose of inciting fear about potential attacks, it's important that all facets of home networking, including those less-desirable aspects be considered in addition to all of the benefits that a home network can offer.

Don't Be Held Liable For the Activities of Criminals

Having and using a network that is unsecured can also leave you open to litigation should cybercriminal activity be discovered at your IP address. While this may seem like a remote possibility, consider that, when a hacker uses your network, your IP address is also used.

This can mean that any data that you or a hacker requests from the internet will be routed to your IP address, which can result in hefty charges being laid if law enforcement tracks illegal activity back to your IP address.

Tips for Home Network Security

As stated before, no network is 100% secure. But in taking steps which offer protection at various stages, you can increase the level of your home network's security overall. One way to do this is to look at your router's password.

This password is left unchanged by many more network users than you may think, and it can be the main route via which hackers get into your system. And so the first thing to do is change the router's password to something that is very difficult for a hacker to guess.

Changing your router's ID or name to one unique to you and difficult to guess is another reliable way to increase the security of your home network.

It's also a good idea to provide a means by which anyone who visits your home can enter your network if they need to get online. This can be done by creating a guest password

Finally, make sure you navigate the articles available at in order to address child safety and anti-virus concerns online.  Many vulnerabilities can be avoided by simply following several common sense tips.

Using STC to Increase Security

When thinking about how to improve the security of your home network, one acronym can be quite useful: STC. This stands for stop, think, connect. Before doing anything online via your network, stop for a moment. And then, think about the sites you are visiting. Are they enabled for security? Have you scanned your computer recently, updated your antivirus software and cleaned any unwanted files? If not, then it may be time to do so. Once you can ensure that all of the above objectives have been met, you will be in a much safer position to connect to the internet.

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The Amazing Advantages of Broadband Internet Access

These days so many of us take our internet for granted that we're not always tuned into just how much it's changed our lives. For example, consider how many people now work from home at least part of the week. What does this mean for society? It means that people can spend more time with their families, save money on their commute, and have more flexibility with both professional and personal relationships.

Then think about students. In the past, before most people had broadband access in their homes, researching a given topic required a trip to the library. Now, thanks to the advent of inexpensive internet in virtually all corners of the U.S., this information can be found by clicking a few buttons from the comfort of home. This means that homework takes less time – which in turn means that kids are less likely to be overwhelmed and more likely to get the most out of their experience.

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Comparing the Internet Service Providers in My Area and Choosing the Best One

internet service providers to access the worldwide webIt wasn't that long ago that finding the best internet provider was difficult because there weren't enough options and consumers were limited to just a single choice. Now many people have the opposite problem: There are too many to choose from! The first step you should take is to identify specifically what's most important to you. For example, if you are simply looking for the lowest price, then note that. If you're looking for the fastest speed, then note that.

Once you know what you're looking for, it will be easier to identify the right option. For example, when I was looking at the I knew that I wanted a fast speed but also a reasonable price. This led me to look at the mid-level plans and I was able to select one that was both affordable and gave me reasonably fast speeds. It was a simple process because I knew exactly what my goal was.

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How to Set Email Filtering Through Your Internet Service Providers

The major free e-mail providers online have built-in filtering software for the purpose of keeping questionable and annoying emails from flooding your inbox, and those of your children, but you have to change the settings before anything goes into effect. Most e-mail doesn’t have spam control settings up and running when you first sign up, so it’s necessary to take the initiative and configure them to your liking. The amount of security you choose all depends on the age of your children, the type of communication they intend to use the e-mail for, and your personal needs as a family. You will have to know your kid’s e-mail passwords and addresses to change the settings, but it’s recommended that you help them sign up for the account anyways, so this shouldn’t be a problem. You may want to do some human monitoring every once in a while as well, to keep track of the people your kids are communicating with online – they should only be e-mailing their friends, and family. High speed Internet providers can’t do this for you.

Spam settings are easy to set up on all the major e-mail programs. Simply log into each account and look for the section that allows you to change the security level. It differs slightly with every provider, but you should be able to find the right place. Under security settings there will be a section for controlling and filtering spam – this is where you want to go to change your preferences. In most cases you’re asked to set the filtering mechanism to a certain level – higher levels provide more protection against spam and allow you to track every e-mail that comes in. The lowest setting provides no security and lets all communications flow through to your inbox unencumbered. High speed Internet providers can’t control spam for these types of e-mail addresses, so you have to set them yourself. You can also purchase extra software that scans e-mails as they come in. This is a good idea if you want to avoid viruses as well as inappropriate content.

At The Broadband Safety Guide, we take children's safety serious by helping parents identify various safeguards that can be implemented for online monitoring and blocking of inappropriate content.  Our free resources and tutorials can help equip any concerned parent immediately.

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The Real Value of AT&T U-verse Promotions

Some people may believe, as the saying goes, that there is no such thing as a free lunch. But from time to time, the internet's top companies offer deals that are just too valuable to pass up, especially these days when so many are striving to stick to their budgets. One great example is a deal being offered by AT&T U-verse to new subscribers.

Bundling Services

Many companies, and not just those involved with internet are jumping on the bundling bandwagon; get one or more services through them, and you can save on your monthly bill. And AT&T U-verse is no different; new customers who sign up for U-verse phone or television service in addition to internet service can choose from any one of the following goodies, absolutely free: an Xbox 360, Kindle Fire HD, SONOS PLAY:3 or Nexus 7 tablet.

Exclusive Online Offers

Another way that internet companies help customers save more money is by offering special online promotions. Those who choose to go online to compare internet service package costs can receive lots of value in return. One great example is U-verse's offer of $150 in promotion cards and Total Home DVR with an order of U-family TV, Internet Elite and Voice 250.

Watching the Fine Print

Getting a great deal with online promotions can be exciting. But customers also need to be aware of time limitations and what's required to be eligible. Some promotions are only offered to new subscribers for a certain period of time before regular pricing comes into effect. U-verse's offer of a free Xbox, Kindle, SONOS or Nexus does come with a qualifier. In order to be eligible for the offer, customers must keep their services for at least 30 days.

Before that, customers who sign up may have to wait up to 8 months once they sign up before receiving what's called a reward notification. Following submission to redeem the bonus, another wait of a few months will be necessary before the free gift arrives.

Do Customers Think It's Worth It?

At the end of the day, a customer who is satisfied with their internet service is more likely to be willing to go through the process of getting discounts and promotions from their internet service provider. As well, in the case of the U-verse offer, customers receive the added bonus of improved efficiency, quality of entertainment and even their health with their most-used devices.

Deciding Which Company Is Right for You

Of course, if you're looking for another internet provider, your choice should depend on much more than simply what they can offer you in terms of free bonuses. The first thing to consider is which companies are available in your area. can help.

Next, which company best meets your needs in terms of internet, phone and television usage will need to be determined. The speed of internet service and the selection of channels being offered will be something to consider in addition to the cost of the service. And finally, any company you choose should have a great reputation for customer service and reliability.

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Internet Service Parental Control Locks in Windows 8

One of the benefits of the new Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft is the ability to set up advanced parental controls for Internet browsing. ISP’s offer some parental control features, but you have to step it up with other security measures if you want to protect your kids fully.

The parental controls available on this operating system allow parents to screen and regulate all online content kids can access on the Internet. To enable the parental controls feature in Windows 8, you have to turn it on for each user account. This will keep harmful websites away from the eyes of your little ones.

Here’s how to do it step-by-step:

  1. Turn on your computer. When Windows has launched, open the “Start Screen” and open the “Control Panel.” You can open the control panel by starting to type the name anywhere in the start screen.
  2. Double-click on “User Accounts” and choose the option to set up “Family Safety.”
  3. Choose the user account for which you want to change the settings. If you have not set up a user account for your child, this is the most important step, so please do so. You will not need an email account, so select the regular “local” login type. When prompted, select “Child” account so that you can turn on the parental controls.
  4. Double click on the account you want to modify.
  5. Here you can select “family safety” and “activity reporting” - These two features have additional settings that you can modify to make the computer and internet more secure. You can control the websites your children have access to, set time limits for computer use, block unwanted websites or even specify “only” the specific sites they can access, like Wikipedia or Nick Jr.
  6. Turn the “Activity Reporting” feature on - This lets you view information about computer usage for each windows 8 account. You can read through individual activity reports by selecting “View Activity Report.”

Depending on the age of your child and the amount of restrictions you put on their home Internet use, the level of browsing protection you implement may vary. It’s important to choose the settings that work best for your family.

internet safety imageInternet service providers have some control over content, but to achieve the best level of protection, it’s necessary to set up additional parental controls on your own computer. Be warned - if your kids are tech savvy, they may try to navigate around the parental controls you’ve set up by starting a new account. If you’ve established password protection for new users, however, this won’t become a problem.

Another tip – select the “Block File Downloads” box to disallow file downloading on specific user accounts. This way, you can prevent your kids from downloading certain types of material off the Internet. If they need to download something for a specific purpose, they will have to do it under direct parental supervision.

Remember that parental locks must be set for each user account on Windows 8 – user accounts without these settings in place allow free and easy access to all Internet content. Although you may have an automatic web filter installed, and access to parental controls through high speed Internet providers, it’s always prudent to add more protection.  For more information on parental controls and internet safety visit .

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What You Missed - The 40th Anniversary of Ethernet

In this day and age, it's almost hard to remember what life was like before the internet. How did people get instant directions to any location they wanted? How did we keep up with one another when we had to run to the store? What if we forgot our grocery list, where did we back it up? The truth is that these modern conveniences have become standards very, very quickly, and as much as it's hard to remember life without the internet, it's even harder to remember what it was like when dial-up was the only option.

Businesses ran slower, it was way more expensive, and only super populated areas had options. Believe it or not, the technology for the ethernet was created 40 years ago. Of course it took many years for this technology to be perfected and made affordable for many Americans, but no matter how you slice it, 40 years ago something big was happening.

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